Robert Pattinson Graces the Cover of NME

The Rover PromoRob is featured on the cover of this week’s NME. He speaks very candidly about the pressures of fame, the Twilight era, and the unrelenting social media harassment against him and fiancée Tahliah Barnett; stemming from the seedier side of the Twilight fandom. Rob went on to discuss how the success of the Twilight films afforded him an extremely high level of fame almost overnight. A situation that left him struggling to find a balance between the unsolicited fame, job as an actor, and his private life.  This interview was conducted during the filming of the Lost City of Z in Belfast, Ireland: Read more

‘Little White Lies’ Digital Reviews Digest


LWLIES10Life is the story of two men pursuing their individual artistic callings against the grain of industry norms. Both Dennis Stock and James Dean died as glittering names in photojournalism and acting. But in 1955, when this film is set, neither was established. Read more

Interview W/ Deutschlandfunk


tumblr_nurasz6nCX1s4e39ao1_1280Q: RP, is there also a photo of you which you would call your “Time Square photo” …..

Rob: it is weird, because I have so many pictures taken, at premieres and stuff. There are singular photos which people want to have signed, and that are always the same. I can’t understand it, because it’s not my taste. I think, why this picture? I don’t know if there is THE ONE picture… I think I am the wrong person to judge… And the James Dean picture was like a campaign, the pictures were staged in a certain way. they should show the lost soul. should he go back to the family farm or not? they wanted to show the inner conflict of the young farm boy and artist. Pictures of me is like covering every base possible… it’s like he’s a fourteen year old (laughs) or something… it’s kind of dilute a bit.

Q: Isn’t it annoying to be photographed all the time? Read more

Print Interview W/ The Times UK

MET__1_ RPHQWe’re in a private room at the back of a private members’ club in Shoreditch, east London, where Robert Pattinson is sitting on a comfy-looking sofa wearing tight black jeans and a tight white T-shirt. We’re about as cloistered from the bustle of real life as you’re likely to get in the capital, which is kind of the point. Read more

Interview W/ The Talks



Robert Pattinson: “Everyone wants you to be so vanilla” Read more

Director Anton Corbijn Interview W/ RTÉ Ten


You may already know more about legendary photographer-turned-director Anton Corbijn’s new film than you realise. Have you ever seen that iconic 1960 photo of James Dean walking in the rain in Times Square? Well, the picture was taken by a man named Dennis Stock, and the story of it, and his friendship with the soon-to-be-huge star, is touchingly told in Life.

With two excellent performances from Robert Pattinson as Stock and Dane DeHaan as Dean, Life is Corbijn’s most uplifting film to date, with the era so lovingly and beautifully recreated that your time with his two leading men will probably feel all too short. Read more

‘Childhood of a Leader’ Wins Two Awards at the Venice Film Festival


Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get better, it actually does.  Childhood of a Leader won the “Luigi de Laurentiss” Venice Award for a Debut Film, while the oh so awesome Brady Corbet also won the Best Director Horizons award, presented by famed Director of Philadelphia (to name but one), Jonathan Demme. The Childhood Of A Leader is about the childhood/upbringing of a future Fascist leader during World War I. In addition to Robert Pattinson, who gets top billing of course, the movie also stars Bérénice Bejo, and Liam Cunningham.  The movie was filmed earlier this year in Budapest; and as you can imagine there was a mad dash to have it ready for the Venice Film Festival. The release date is yet to be announced.  We loved Brady’s reaction upon reaching the opium.  He said, “Jesus Christ” and went on to add, “My daughter might look at this in 25 years. I just want to say be patient, be radical, be free.”  Upon receiving his second prize of the night he said, “Celluloid should be a filmmaker’s right, not a privilege.” Once again, Congratulations!

Print Interview W/ The Scotsman

PATTINSONLIFE02222015-1 (25)

The following interview was conducted three weeks ago in London

He knows what it’s like to be famous and to be stalked by paparazzi, but in his new film Robert Pattinson is the man behind the camera Read more

Interview w/ Les Inrockuptibles Magazine

Robert_Pattinson_Les_Rocks04 Edit “I am still looking for my place” Robert Pattinson Read more