Patricia Arquette & Mia Goth Joins Robert Pattinson in ‘High Life’


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In August of this year, L’express reported that Robert Pattinson was attached to star in Claire Denis’ upcoming English-language sci-fi film, written with British writer Zadie Smith.  However, at that time little was known about the plot and additional cast members.  We did know that the script was written by White Teeth author Zadie Smith and her husband Nick Laird; and that the film was set to “take place beyond the solar system in a future time that nevertheless feels like the present.” We also knew that Rob was attached to play the lead role, a futuristic astronaut.

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Your feedback on posting Paparazzi pictures on RPHQ

From the desk of RPHQWe’re being asked about the rule relating to the posting of paparazzi pictures on RPHQ. As I’ve always maintained, this board/website should be regarded as our place; somewhere that we can all feel comfortable visiting.

With that in mind, I’d like to ask your opinion on the issue. Should we or shouldn’t we allow paparazzi pictures to be posted here? It is true that Rob despises the paps, but I can’t be a hypocrite and say that I don’t enjoy looking at their pics because I do.

What would you prefer for us to do?

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The Film Stage Report on ‘Lost City of Z’


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How cool is it that they mentioned @RPAustralia, AND their editor named the film his most anticipated movie of 2016!  Lost City of Z will likely premiere next year.

The Film Stage

Bless those fan sites for bringing us intimate coverage of James Gray‘s next film. Robert Pattinson Australia have translated an extensive piece recently run in the French publication So Film, and, along with the series of set photos, thus provide a previously unknown perspective on the picture — namely its deep, painstaking connections to World War I. The ends to which Gray and co. have gone to ensure an accurate (read: brutal) depiction of the Battle of the Somme — which both Col. Percival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) and Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson) find themselves fighting in — is hardly surprising, particularly in light of something as lovingly crafted as The Immigrant, but it’s nevertheless thrilling to imagine.   Read more

Variety Q&A W/ Childhood of a Leader’s Director Brady Corbet

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Q&A W/ Brady Corbett by Variety’s Damon Wise

A well-known actor on the indie circuit, racking up well over a half dozen appearances in low-budget U.S. and European productions last year alone, Brady Corbet, who turned 27 in August, recently made his directing debut with “The Childhood of a Leader” – a film that last month caught the eye of Jonathan Demme’s Orrizonti jury, which awarded it the best director prize at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. Invoking the spirit of the young Orson Welles, Demme later described the film, which is repped by Protagonist Pictures, as “dazzling and exquisitely original” ahead of a one-off screening later this month at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York.

Loosely inspired by the early childhood experiences of many of the most infamous dictators of the 20th century, “The Childhood of a Leader” stars Berenice Bejo and Liam Cunningham as an American couple settling into the French countryside at the end of the World War I, at which time the father is involved in the delicate peace negotiations surrounding the Treaty of Versailles. His wife is a devout Christian who struggles with the tantrums of their son (Tom Sweet), an angelic-looking boy whose behaviour becomes increasingly disturbing. Robert Pattinson and Stacy Martin also appear in the film, which also brought Corbet a cash prize in the form of Luigi De Laurentiis award for best debut. Read more

Queen of the Desert

Queen of the Desert

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The United States distributor for Queen of the Desert, Atlas Distributing Co., shared a cool new promotional picture, and announced the official Twitter account of the movie today. If you’ll recall Atlas acquired the US rights to the movie back in May, 20015. The movie was directed by Werner Herzog and stars Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell, Robert Pattinson as T.E Lawrence, James Franco as Henry Cadogan, and Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Wylie. Read more