Fantastically Dark New Clip From the ‘Childhood of a Leader’

Somebody really ought to have called CPS on these people!  Haven’t they ever heard of a time out or grounding?  PSA:  The following is my original thought and wasn’t copied from District N Sponsor! ???? Read more

GO GO Gala 2015 #SharetheGOLove


Picture courtesy of the GO Campaign

GO GO Gala 2015

Last week, Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs attended the 8th annual GO GO Gala at Montage Beverly Hills in California. They were joined by close friends Katy Perry, and Vin Diesel, whom Pattinson had personally invited. Hosted by Ewan McGregor, this year’s gala honored Abel Barrera Hernandez, Mexico’s leading human rights activist/educator; Favio Chavez and the Recycled Orchestra from Paraguay who plays instruments made out of trash; and Neema Namadamu, a disabled community activist fighting for the rights of girls and women in the Congo.  Earlier this year, Founder & CEO Scott Fifer, announced that Robert Pattinson had been named the very first Ambassador of the nonprofit organization; which works to help orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world. Read more

Life Arrives to U.S. Theaters in December

Life movie poster

Director Anton Corbijn’s Life will arrive in select U.S. theaters on December 4.  The movie stars Robert Pattinson, and Dane DeHaan as Dennis Stock and James Dean; and documents the period that James Dean and Life photographer Dennis Stock spent together right before Dean exploded onto the movie scene.  Corbijn (Control, A Most Wanted Man) called his work with Pattinson and DeHaan a “tremendous experience” and went on to say: Read more

Brady Corbet Receives the TAP Revelation Award For COAL at LEFFEST


Picture courtesy of Childhood of a Leader website

Brady Corbet receives yet another Best Director Award for Childhood of a Leader.  This time, he was honored with the Tap Revelation Award at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival.

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COAL Screening at the 12th Annual Dubai International Film Festival


Images courtesy of DIFF

As they announced the stellar movie lineup for this year’s ‘Cinema of the World‘ program, the Dubai International Film Festival shared this decidedly creepy movie poster for Brady Corbet’s Childhood of a Leader.  The program is scheduled to be presented from December 9th to the 16th, and will showcase the very best talents from all over the world. ‘Cinema of the World’ covers an array of genres from some of the most prestigious filmmakers in the industry, and will undoubtedly captivate audiences and take them on an unforgettable journey across cultures and perspectives. Read more

Robert Pattinson & FKA twigs at the MOBO Awards

We’d like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Pattinson, for the creation of the glorious being that is Robert Pattinson.  We’d also like to thank the oh so beautiful FKA twigs, for allowing him the honour of escorting her to the MOBO Awards, where she picked up the Best Video award for her single Pendulum!  Congrats Twigs!   Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank @poshsoapbox for providing us with the indescribably hot pics of Robert Pattinson below.  Thank you, Posh!  We’ve only added a few tidbits of the night’s event, but for a comprehensive report of the MOBO awards, please mosey on over to the good people at Robsessed, Robert Pattinson Australia, and/or Robjectify who’s got you covered…Nobody does it like they do!


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Robert Pattinson Named 1st GO Campaign Ambassador


Picture courtesy of Getty Images

How cool is this, people?  So very proud to be  a fan!

Robert Pattinson Named 1st Ambassador to the Go Campaign

Founder & CEO Scott Fifer, just announced that Robert Pattinson has been named the very first Ambassador for the GO Campaign. As Ambassador, Pattinson will help raise international awareness of the non-profit organization and support their fundraising endeavors throughout the year.

Rob will continue to attend GO Campaign events, introduce GO Campaign to new people and companies interested in learning more, and help to raise the international profile of the organization as they head into their 10th year next year. Read more

Robert Pattinson ‘Share the GO Love’ Campaign

Picture courtesy of the GO Foundation

Picture courtesy of the GO Campaign

We absolute love the GO Campaign and all of the wonderful work they’ve done throughout the world.  Their tireless efforts on the behalf of children from all over the world is truly awe-inspiring.  As you all know, we do a birthday charity drive every year in Rob’s honor, and I was very happy to see that the Go Campaign was the recipient of our most recent event.  With that said, I have some very special news to share! As they approach their 8th annual GO GO Gala, the wonderful, wonderful people at the GO Campaign have decided to honor Robert Pattinson’s continued support and loyalty to their cause, by creating a specific charity campaign in his name! The GO Campaign’s challenge to us is: Read more