Dior Homme’s Intense New City Campaign W/ Robert Pattinson


Picture courtesy of Dior & Peter Lindbergh W/special thanks to Robert Pattinson Australia

Robert Pattinson, smouldering his way through the city of New York in this Intense new campaign for Dior Homme, is really a must see and drool event!  Be still our hearts, intense is right because nobody does intense quite like Robert Pattinson. In his new campaign for Dior Homme Intense cologne, the 29-year-old actor can be seen looking as gorgeous as ever as he wanders alone around the streets of New York City.


Gif courtesy of Nicole

Robert Pattinson, became the face of Dior Homme cologne in June 2013. He has since appeared in various campaigns for the company, including a beautiful short film directed by the incredible Romain Gavras, featuring the music of Led Zeppelin.   Robert’s latest collaboration with the House of Dior was shot by German director Peter Lindbergh – the maestro of black and white photography.  This very beautiful video finds a very confident, and sexy looking Robert Pattinson wandering the streets of what appears to be Manhattan, to the tune of  All I Need by L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae.  Robert can be seen looking pensive as he strolls along the sidewalk and gazes out of a high-rise window.


Dressed smartly in a long overcoat, white shirt, and thin black tie, Robert throws the camera a number of confident and yes, sexy stares as he fiddles with his cuff links in one of the shots.  In the video, key inspirational messages such as “Life is short,” “Break the rules—they were meant to be broken,” “Love Truly,” “Never regret anything,” and James Dean’s “Live as if you will die today,” and “Dream as if you will live forever,” are emblazoned on the city skyline.   A spokesperson for Dior described the clip as “a video that rolls out shots of a streetwise prince with a disarming gaze.  His urban look is irresistible and brings back the aura of a modern rebel.” Robert previously revealed that he came onboard the Dior campaign because it was a change of pace for his career.

“I did it because I wanted to do something different for me… doing something that is quite mainstream but also edgy fit into where I want my life to go,” he told Elle France.


Picture courtesy of Nicole

One a serious note, I really must commend Dior, and Peter Lindbergh on their artistry.  The ad is an exercise in pure eloquent intensity.  Absolutely beautiful.  I don’t normally crave or particularly care for black and white video and film, but this was absolutely perfect.  It looks like a period film…Like something from the 50’s and is very James Dean-like.  Adding in the quotes by Dean was also a very nice touch.  Kudos to all involved, and a Happy New Year to all of us courtesy of Dior and one very sexy Mr. Pattinson.