Picture of Robert Pattinson, Benecio Del Torro, Idris Elba, and Al Pacino

Director Harmony Korine confirms cast and shooting start for ‘The Trap’

Picture of Robert Pattinson, Benecio Del Torro, Idris Elba, and Al Pacino

Picture courtesy of the FilmStage

In an hour and a half discussion with Marc Maron, famed Director Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers) orally confirmed the cast and filming dates for his highly anticipated new movie The Trap.  According to Korine, the movie production is set to kick off in January 2015; with Idris Elba and Benecio Del Toro in the leading roles, and Robert Pattinson and Al Pacino supporting.

The movie takes place in and around the Miami music scene, and follows Del Toro’s character, an ex con who served time (14 years) in prison for a robbery involving Elba’s character, a gangster rapper. Fifteen years later, Del Toro’s character is back for revenge.  Korine described it as “a complete sensory bombardment.”  He also goes on to say “the way I feel about storytelling now is that it’s more like liquid. It has to do more with energy.” He described the movie as being a “super propulsive, pretty highly violent revenge movie.” From what we understand, Rob’s character is going to be a member of Del Toro’s vengeful crew of criminals.

It’s interesting to note that Korine made no mention of James Franco, whom he directed in Spring Breakers, and who was also previously mentioned as being a part of this movie.  I can’t help but to wonder if that was an unintended oversight, or if Franco is no longer a part of The Trap.  Korine also touched base on his loathing of New York City, and years at NYU.  If you’re interested in listening to Korine’s views and thoughts regarding film-making, subsequent start in the industry, and aren’t adverse to an over usage of the word “like” then this is a can’t miss discussion.  Korine discusses The Trap and mentions Robert Pattinson at the 1:09:20 mark in the video. Cheers!