GO GO Gala 2015 #SharetheGOLove


Picture courtesy of the GO Campaign

GO GO Gala 2015

Last week, Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs attended the 8th annual GO GO Gala at Montage Beverly Hills in California. They were joined by close friends Katy Perry, and Vin Diesel, whom Pattinson had personally invited. Hosted by Ewan McGregor, this year’s gala honored Abel Barrera Hernandez, Mexico’s leading human rights activist/educator; Favio Chavez and the Recycled Orchestra from Paraguay who plays instruments made out of trash; and Neema Namadamu, a disabled community activist fighting for the rights of girls and women in the Congo.  Earlier this year, Founder & CEO Scott Fifer, announced that Robert Pattinson had been named the very first Ambassador of the nonprofit organization; which works to help orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world.

GO Campaign 101

The great thing about the GO Campaign and one of the things that make it so special is the manner in which they conduct their business, and carry out their pledge to help children throughout the world. They do it by finding local heroes, people who are already successfully helping children in their various communities with things like education, shelter, and food; and then proceed to help support the extraordinary efforts of these people. For example, if they go into community A, and learn that Mr. Chester is running a shelter for abandoned children, but is in dire need of funds to either help the children and/or continue the program, GO Campaign would start a fundraising event to benefit Mr. Chester’s home for abandoned kids. Not only that, but they would also make certain that every penny collected is accounted for, and actually going towards the care of the children at Mr. Chester’s facility. This way, we always know that everything we donate is going to the people who are deserving of it, and not just to pay the overhead that it costs to run a huge charity.  

PLEASE Donate!

Say it with me, folks, we love the GO Campaign and their extraordinary efforts on behalf of children from all over the world!  As you know, the #SharetheGOLove campaign is still underway, so please donate whatever you can afford for this great, great cause!  Rob has been a staunch supporter of the organization for a very long time;  and has attended many of their previous Gala’s.  He’s also been very instrumental in introducing the charity to those of us who might have remained unaware of it, and for that we are very grateful!  Please check out some of our favorite moments from this year’s Gala, below.