Happy US/Canada ‘Life’ Release Day!!!!

Life movie poster

Poster courtesy of Film4

US & Canadian fans, are you ready to see Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan absolutely rock the house in Life? What was that??? I can’t hear you! I said US & Canada are you READY for the AWESOMENESS that is Life?!? Life is simultaneously being released today in theaters and Video-On-Demand. The movie tells the true story of photographer Dennis Stock’s relationship with James Dean, played by Dane DeHaan. Dennis Stock took the legendary photo of James Dean walking through Time Square; and played a pivotal role in cementing Dean’s iconic legacy.  

Earlier this year, Rob told Total Film that Dennis Stock’s difficult relationship with his young son was what fascinated, and attracted him to the role. He went on to call Stock a terrible father who didn’t love his son, but chose to find solace in his art.  Please visit our friends at Robert Pattinson Australia for a comprehensive theater listing of the movie.  The movie is also available on iTunes and Amazon!