Robert Pattinson in Conversation W/ Collider’s Steve Weintraub

I just finished Steve Weintraub’s interview with Robert Pattinson for, and am impressed by its depth, and expansive wealth of information and knowledge. It is perhaps one of the best Robert Pattinson interview I’ve ever read, and ought to be required reading for future Robert Pattinson interviewers everywhere. This beauty was penned as an interview with Robert Pattinson for the release of his beautiful new movie the Lost City of Z, but quickly morphed into a delightful dialogue, ranging from Robert’s desire to work with James Gray, memorable moments on set, his excitement over the upcoming release of Good Time (a new film by the Safdie brothers starring Robert Pattinson), the timeline for the start of production on Claire DenisHigh Life, watching the Handmaiden in NYC, superhero movies, a possible new project with Antonio Campos, the Lost City of Z, and much, much more!

In his introductory paragraph, Mr. Weintraub referred to the interview as a conversation, and that is exactly what this interview felt like. Simplistically describing it as an “interview” doesn’t feel correct, because it was much more than that. It was greater. It was an in-depth conversation between two knowledgeable individuals, on a wide variety of subjects. Not only was the interviewer knowledgeable about the subject matter, but he was also genuinely interested in everything being discussed, and was informative, articulate, and genuine in a way that only a fan and or an absolute professional would have been able to display. We lucked out by having both in Mr. Weintraub. He was there in the moment, and it was beautiful to read.

In my opinion, Mr. Weintraub’s casual dismissal of the Twilight Saga went a long way towards putting Robert at ease, LOL. Hate me if you will, but it really was one of my favourite lines from this incredible piece. Starting out like that served the purpose of letting Rob know that this interview wouldn’t be deviating into the usual gossipy fluff piece. Mr. Weintraub wasn’t there to get the latest scoop on his personal life or his preferences for boxers or briefs. He was so good at putting Robert at ease that he didn’t even have to lead him that much…Rob volunteered the information because he was having a discussion of quality.

Another thing I enjoyed about the article was Rob’s enthusiasm for his upcoming projects. He was bubbling over with excitement when Good Time and the Safdie brothers were mentioned. His eagerness to discuss Claire Denis’s upcoming feature film, High Life had me looking forward to it that much more! I also liked how knowledgeable he was about the intricacies of the movie making process, and the differences between 35mm and video. Robert’s genuine humbleness is always a joy to rediscover. His disbelief that Claire Denis wanted him in her film, even after she went on record with saying that she couldn’t have made it without him, was very sweet and so like Robert Pattinson. Absolutely loved reading the news about a potential new project with director Antonio Campos; where Rob described his character as absolutely degenerate! I think we can all get behind seeing Rob in another entirely new light.

The further I got into the article, the more annoyed I became. Not because I was growing to dislike anything about it, but because it was bringing to light how much we’ve been cheated in the past. When an interview is solely focused on a 10-year-old movie franchise, or irrelevant people and things that are no longer a part of his life, it does a disservice to not only us but to him, as well. It causes him to withdraw by mirroring and operating at the level of the questions he is being asked! It keeps his knowledge and personality buried beneath gossipy garbage. I think it prevents us from REALLY getting to know him, and THAT is a great disserve to all of us.

Thank you, Steve, for staying away from irrelevant matters that would have fragmented and interfered with the communication between the two of you. The true nature of dialogue is exploratory. It’s about learning and understanding. It isn’t about consuming a great deal of information for the sole purpose of criticism or even real debate. It’s more like an unfolding creative participation between two people. That’s what made this interview stand out from those that preceded it. Kudos to you Mr. Weintraub, excellently done. As for Rob, we’ve been on this journey with him for a long time and have loved every minute of it. I don’t know what the future may bring, but am certain that he’s going to meet whatever crosses his path with style, class, and grace, and we’ll be there with him every step of the way! 

I’ve included a passage from this wonderful interview below, but PLEASE be certain to visit to read the interview in its entirety! I promise it’s worth the extra click:

COLLIDER: The other thing though is a lot of people I’ve spoken to talk about getting pigeonholed in a certain type of role and the only way you can sort of break that is to show people that you don’t want to do just this one role again and again and again.

PATTINSON: Yeah, and it’s amazing as well how people if you want to get a different role, the majority of time the producers or directors want to see you play a similar role already, whereas the only thing I really want to do is swing wildly from one end to the other [laughs]. But then I think after it’s just starting to kind settle into the kind of area that I want to be in. I knew it would take a long time, but like this year working with Claire Denis and I’m probably going to work—I don’t know if I can say it yet [laughs].