Robert Pattinson ‘Share the GO Love’ Campaign

Picture courtesy of the GO Foundation

Picture courtesy of the GO Campaign

We absolute love the GO Campaign and all of the wonderful work they’ve done throughout the world.  Their tireless efforts on the behalf of children from all over the world is truly awe-inspiring.  As you all know, we do a birthday charity drive every year in Rob’s honor, and I was very happy to see that the Go Campaign was the recipient of our most recent event.  With that said, I have some very special news to share! As they approach their 8th annual GO GO Gala, the wonderful, wonderful people at the GO Campaign have decided to honor Robert Pattinson’s continued support and loyalty to their cause, by creating a specific charity campaign in his name! The GO Campaign’s challenge to us is:

How much can we raise to honor Robert Pattinson and his commitment to GO Campaign and to give children opportunities??!! Donate now to join in our #SharetheGOLove Campaign! Help us spread the word – and we want to hear from you! Tweet us, post on our social media… even sky-writing (if you have the time and know how to fly)! Tell us why are you a Rob fan, why you donate to GO Campaign, why you believe is it important to give back! And don’t forget to get those hashtags going #SharetheGOLove #RobertPattinson #GOCampaign #76812kidsandcounting

Shate the Love Banner

Banner courtesy of Dreaming Of Rob

What do you think folks, can we do it?  I don’t know, but we’re going to do our best! GO went on to say that over the last 5 years, Rob and his fans have donated over a $100.000.00 to help improve the lives of children from all over the world. Now, THAT is a real accomplishment and honor. It’s something that we can point to and feel proud that we participated in. We were instrumental in helping children people…Don’t know about you, but that’s huge to me. It’s also one of the many, many reasons why I adore Robert Pattinson the way that I do.  It’s probably horrible to say, but without his selfless example, I wouldn’t have been moved to help and participate. I wouldn’t have known about the charity at all. Thank you, Rob!

This year’s GO GO Gala is being held at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on November 12, 2015.  The event will be hosted by the insanely talented Mr. Ewan McGregor, with musical performances by the very talented and lovely Ms. FKA twigs.  Tickets are now on sale for those who may wish to attend. I’m truly looking forward to supporting the GO Campaign again this year! I love the incredible work they do throughout the world and am really hoping that those of us that can show our support with a donation, or a kind word will do so.  Please take a minute to peruse their financial reports for information on how your charitable donations are being applied…100% of all charitable donations goes towards the charity!!!