Eye For Film’s feature on Childhood of a Leader’s Brady Corbet

tumblr_obvjcwMwCT1rbviljo3_r1_1280In Eye For Film’s wonderful new interview with Childhood of a Leader’s Director Brady Corbet, he discusses non-poetic cinema, fanaticism, Robert Pattinson and the pervasive cult of celebrity. Brady also gave us a little insight into Rob’s wonderful work ethics, while also making some news by revealing that Robert is set to star in his wife and collaborator, Mona Fastvold’s upcoming, big screen adaptation of Tarjei Vesaas‘ period drama The Bleaching Yard.  Joining them on that project is Childhood of a Leader producer, Chris Cohen as well as her producers from The Sleepwalker.  The award winning first time director also mentioned the possibility of Rob joining the cast of his next film; Vox Lux. Corbet describes that feature as being an ensemble piece about “the turn of the 21st century to the present. It’s about the rise of a pop star.” We’ve added a few excerpts below, but the full interview is available HERE.

Brady Corbet on making audiences think, Robert Pattinson and the culture of celebrity.

Brady Corbet’s The Childhood Of A Leader is out in UK cinemas today (August 18) after Protagonist Pictures stepped in following the announcement that original distributor Metrodome had fallen into insolvency this week. The British distribution is being handled by Soda Pictures. Read more

Fantastically Dark New Clip From the ‘Childhood of a Leader’

Somebody really ought to have called CPS on these people!  Haven’t they ever heard of a time out or grounding?  PSA:  The following is my original thought and wasn’t copied from District N Sponsor! ???? Read more

Brady Corbet Receives the TAP Revelation Award For COAL at LEFFEST


Picture courtesy of Childhood of a Leader website

Brady Corbet receives yet another Best Director Award for Childhood of a Leader.  This time, he was honored with the Tap Revelation Award at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Festival.

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COAL Screening at the 12th Annual Dubai International Film Festival


Images courtesy of DIFF

As they announced the stellar movie lineup for this year’s ‘Cinema of the World‘ program, the Dubai International Film Festival shared this decidedly creepy movie poster for Brady Corbet’s Childhood of a Leader.  The program is scheduled to be presented from December 9th to the 16th, and will showcase the very best talents from all over the world. ‘Cinema of the World’ covers an array of genres from some of the most prestigious filmmakers in the industry, and will undoubtedly captivate audiences and take them on an unforgettable journey across cultures and perspectives. Read more

Variety Q&A W/ Childhood of a Leader’s Director Brady Corbet

Picture edit courtesy of Nicole

Q&A W/ Brady Corbett by Variety’s Damon Wise

A well-known actor on the indie circuit, racking up well over a half dozen appearances in low-budget U.S. and European productions last year alone, Brady Corbet, who turned 27 in August, recently made his directing debut with “The Childhood of a Leader” – a film that last month caught the eye of Jonathan Demme’s Orrizonti jury, which awarded it the best director prize at the 2015 Venice Film Festival. Invoking the spirit of the young Orson Welles, Demme later described the film, which is repped by Protagonist Pictures, as “dazzling and exquisitely original” ahead of a one-off screening later this month at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York.

Loosely inspired by the early childhood experiences of many of the most infamous dictators of the 20th century, “The Childhood of a Leader” stars Berenice Bejo and Liam Cunningham as an American couple settling into the French countryside at the end of the World War I, at which time the father is involved in the delicate peace negotiations surrounding the Treaty of Versailles. His wife is a devout Christian who struggles with the tantrums of their son (Tom Sweet), an angelic-looking boy whose behaviour becomes increasingly disturbing. Robert Pattinson and Stacy Martin also appear in the film, which also brought Corbet a cash prize in the form of Luigi De Laurentiis award for best debut. Read more

‘Childhood of a Leader’ Wins Two Awards at the Venice Film Festival


Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get better, it actually does.  Childhood of a Leader won the “Luigi de Laurentiss” Venice Award for a Debut Film, while the oh so awesome Brady Corbet also won the Best Director Horizons award, presented by famed Director of Philadelphia (to name but one), Jonathan Demme. The Childhood Of A Leader is about the childhood/upbringing of a future Fascist leader during World War I. In addition to Robert Pattinson, who gets top billing of course, the movie also stars Bérénice Bejo, and Liam Cunningham.  The movie was filmed earlier this year in Budapest; and as you can imagine there was a mad dash to have it ready for the Venice Film Festival. The release date is yet to be announced.  We loved Brady’s reaction upon reaching the opium.  He said, “Jesus Christ” and went on to add, “My daughter might look at this in 25 years. I just want to say be patient, be radical, be free.”  Upon receiving his second prize of the night he said, “Celluloid should be a filmmaker’s right, not a privilege.” Once again, Congratulations!