‘Queen of the Desert’ Official Trailer


Picture courtesy of Nicole

Starring Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Damian Lewis, and Robert Pattinson, Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert is based on the true-life story of Gertrude Bell, who was a British political officer and archaeologist but ultimately a trailblazer on her terms. The story details the extraordinary adventures of Bell wrestling with the conflicts of love and tragedy, enemy and friend, and foreign and familiar as she sought to understand and unify people from different cultures.  Please visit Indiewire for the full article.

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‘High Life’ Film Synopsis


Poster courtesy of Dreaming of Rob

Last week, the Film Stage shared a detailed movie synopsis of Robert Pattinson’s upcoming feature film High Life.  As you know, joining Robert in this exciting new Claire Denis project is Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette, and Nymphomaniac’s Mia Goth; with production expected to begin the summer of 2016.  Please be advised that the plot summary is very detailed.  Individuals who may wish to remain spoiler free should definitely skip this board, and refrain from reading any further: Read more

Fantastically Dark New Clip From the ‘Childhood of a Leader’

Somebody really ought to have called CPS on these people!  Haven’t they ever heard of a time out or grounding?  PSA:  The following is my original thought and wasn’t copied from District N Sponsor! ???? Read more

Life Arrives to U.S. Theaters in December

Life movie poster

Director Anton Corbijn’s Life will arrive in select U.S. theaters on December 4.  The movie stars Robert Pattinson, and Dane DeHaan as Dennis Stock and James Dean; and documents the period that James Dean and Life photographer Dennis Stock spent together right before Dean exploded onto the movie scene.  Corbijn (Control, A Most Wanted Man) called his work with Pattinson and DeHaan a “tremendous experience” and went on to say: Read more

COAL Screening at the 12th Annual Dubai International Film Festival


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As they announced the stellar movie lineup for this year’s ‘Cinema of the World‘ program, the Dubai International Film Festival shared this decidedly creepy movie poster for Brady Corbet’s Childhood of a Leader.  The program is scheduled to be presented from December 9th to the 16th, and will showcase the very best talents from all over the world. ‘Cinema of the World’ covers an array of genres from some of the most prestigious filmmakers in the industry, and will undoubtedly captivate audiences and take them on an unforgettable journey across cultures and perspectives. Read more

Patricia Arquette & Mia Goth Joins Robert Pattinson in ‘High Life’


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In August of this year, L’express reported that Robert Pattinson was attached to star in Claire Denis’ upcoming English-language sci-fi film, written with British writer Zadie Smith.  However, at that time little was known about the plot and additional cast members.  We did know that the script was written by White Teeth author Zadie Smith and her husband Nick Laird; and that the film was set to “take place beyond the solar system in a future time that nevertheless feels like the present.” We also knew that Rob was attached to play the lead role, a futuristic astronaut.

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The Film Stage Report on ‘Lost City of Z’


Pictures courtesy of the Film Stage

How cool is it that they mentioned @RPAustralia, AND their editor named the film his most anticipated movie of 2016!  Lost City of Z will likely premiere next year.

The Film Stage

Bless those fan sites for bringing us intimate coverage of James Gray‘s next film. Robert Pattinson Australia have translated an extensive piece recently run in the French publication So Film, and, along with the series of set photos, thus provide a previously unknown perspective on the picture — namely its deep, painstaking connections to World War I. The ends to which Gray and co. have gone to ensure an accurate (read: brutal) depiction of the Battle of the Somme — which both Col. Percival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) and Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson) find themselves fighting in — is hardly surprising, particularly in light of something as lovingly crafted as The Immigrant, but it’s nevertheless thrilling to imagine.   Read more

Queen of the Desert

Queen of the Desert

Courtesy of Atlas Distribution Co.,

The United States distributor for Queen of the Desert, Atlas Distributing Co., shared a cool new promotional picture, and announced the official Twitter account of the movie today. If you’ll recall Atlas acquired the US rights to the movie back in May, 20015. The movie was directed by Werner Herzog and stars Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell, Robert Pattinson as T.E Lawrence, James Franco as Henry Cadogan, and Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Wylie. Read more