High Life Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival!

Claire Denis’ highly anticipated Robert Pattinson starring Sci-Fi High Life, is set to make its world premiere at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). The movie is Denis’ first English language film and takes place aboard a spacecraft piloted by death row prisoners on a decades-long suicide mission to enter and harness the power of a black hole. Read more

‘High Life’ Film Synopsis


Poster courtesy of Dreaming of Rob

Last week, the Film Stage shared a detailed movie synopsis of Robert Pattinson’s upcoming feature film High Life.  As you know, joining Robert in this exciting new Claire Denis project is Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette, and Nymphomaniac’s Mia Goth; with production expected to begin the summer of 2016.  Please be advised that the plot summary is very detailed.  Individuals who may wish to remain spoiler free should definitely skip this board, and refrain from reading any further: Read more

Patricia Arquette & Mia Goth Joins Robert Pattinson in ‘High Life’


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In August of this year, L’express reported that Robert Pattinson was attached to star in Claire Denis’ upcoming English-language sci-fi film, written with British writer Zadie Smith.  However, at that time little was known about the plot and additional cast members.  We did know that the script was written by White Teeth author Zadie Smith and her husband Nick Laird; and that the film was set to “take place beyond the solar system in a future time that nevertheless feels like the present.” We also knew that Rob was attached to play the lead role, a futuristic astronaut.

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